Scientists found traces of use of nuclear weapons in ancient times


Ученые нашли следы применения ядерного оружия в древности Experts have mapped the locations of the possible use of lethal weapons.

In the Network appeared some proof that thousands of years ago the earth had already been waged battle with the use of nuclear weapons. So, in the Egyptian desert and Scotland, was discovered a strange glass objects, and in ancient Hindu texts, scholars are forced to think about some of the lines of the “unknown weapon, and iron beam”.

Mysterious glass was discovered on the territory of 10 km2 near the border of Egypt and Libya. In addition, one fragment was part of the decoration of Tutankhamun.

Experts have suggested that the glass was formed 28 million years ago after the fall of the comet, which heated the sand up to 200°C. Later, other experts denied this theory.

The above is a interesting map. It marked all plots of land on which was found a glass. Engineer Albion W. Hart compared the glass shards after the nuclear tests in Alamogordo (new Mexico), and found pieces in the desert.

They were completely identical. Plus, the desert has found no evidence of a fall ever of a comet.

Scientists examining pieces of fused silica, came to the conclusion that they were formed millions of years ago.

Ученые нашли следы применения ядерного оружия в древности


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