Scientists found the most ancient marriage contract


Ученые нашли самый древний брачный контрактTurkish archaeologists at the city of Kayseri unearthed an ancient marriage contract (the times of Assyria).

Document more than four thousand years. This finding confirms the fact that surrogate motherhood, gender inequality and sexual slavery of women.

In the night from 11 to 12 November it became known about the opening of Turkish archaeologists. Source Daily Sabah, it follows that the archaeologists, anthropologists have unearthed one of the first marriage contracts known today, whose age is estimated at four thousand years. Renowned Professor Ahmet Terp (Harran University, Turkey) focuses on the fact that the document is an official mention of possible infertility and resolve this issue through surrogacy.

This document is a table of clay inscribed with a cuneiform text that tells about the resolution to have a female slave for conception in case of absence of the couple own children within two years. To see the document in the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul (Istanbul Arkeoloji Müzesi).


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