Scientists found the grave, which is more than 2,000 years


Ученые обнаружили могилу, которой 2000 летIn the tomb archaeologists have discovered the remains of 21 people

Turkish archaeologists have discovered in the province of Canakkale in the North West of the country the grave in which 2,3 thousand years ago were buried by the family. In the tomb archaeologists have discovered the remains of 21 people.

“The burial place of one family were identified by archaeologists during excavations of the ancient city. This grave was found in the region called the Western necropolis. On the tomb were found the words “Aristos” which is the name that was used in those times,” said Nurettin Arslan, Professor Changelinecolor University, who is leading the expedition.

In Turkey archaeologists have discovered the grave, where the year 2000 / Photo:
According to him, the tomb was found important for understanding the traditions and customs of those times. Of 21 people, only one was buried in the usual way, all the others were kemirembe in the grave were placed the urn with their ashes.

Scientists believe the find is valuable because it has survived to our time in its original form.


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