Scientists found out why the aliens come to Earth


Ученые узнали, почему инопланетяне прилетают на ЗемлюAccording to ufologists, the aliens visit our planet with the aim of collecting genetic material for secret experiments.

A group of experienced ufologists from the US as a result of prolonged research found out why UFOs come to Earth.According to scientists, the aliens needed genetic material.

American ufologists have speculated that extraterrestrials visit Earth in search of genetic material for some secret experiments. Experts fear that in the future the number of UFOs will increase and casualties will be more. Such conclusions were made by studying cases in the United States and Brazil began to find bodies drained of blood of people and animals.

In addition, the ufologists say that the bodies were also extracted organs without a single cut. According to the new theory of scientists that the aliens need human blood for their own existence, but because UFOs are dangerous to humans.


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