Scientists found in the human body, new virus


Researchers have found a virus that infects bacteria.

Scientists from the University of medical Sciences. Karl Landsteiner discovered in samples of human biological fluids is a new kind of bacteriophages – viruses that attack bacteria. As reported by the online edition of the with reference to the virus is met often enough – every seventh blood sample.

The researchers note that bacteriophages are “viral dark matter” in human body because only a few groups of scientists around the world are studying these organisms. This is caused not only by lack of knowledge about the structure and lifestyle of bacteriophages, but a small number of reliable and accurate methods for their detection.

In the study, scientists have identified a total of 43 phage from liquid samples 111 people. The researchers note that one of them brought for the first time in history. It belongs to the family Tunavirinae and met approximately every seventh blood sample.

It is worth noting that scientists have searched for bacteriophages, which affect E. coli, but to find them and could not. This discovery would be important for medicine, because these viruses can transmit genes of resistance to antibiotics from one bacteria to another.


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