Scientists first managed to bring the cubs out of the tube


Ученым впервые удалось вывести львят из пробиркиFor the first time in the world, the light appeared the cubs out of the tube

Scientists from South Africa was first carried out the procedure of artificial insemination of large cats. She was successful and as a result, the lioness had two cubs.

Veterinarian Isabelle Callalta told that the experiment was very exciting. When it became clear that the female is pregnant, everyone is incredibly happy. Well, watch the birth of healthy babies for the scientists was real happiness.

In the future, the researchers plan to use artificial insemination to other large animal of the cat family – tigers and snow leopards, which are also endangered.

Over the past quarter century, the number of wild cats in Africa has been cut in half. The reason for this is poaching, disease and the environment. According to scientists, if further experiments of artificial fertilization is successful, this will help keep wildlife populations.


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