Scientists figured out how to identify lung cancer at an early stage


Ученые поняли, как выявить рак легких на ранней стадииDuring the tests, cancer was detected in 11 of 12 patients.

Researchers from the US have created a new technology that can detect early lung cancer, when surgical treatment is still possible.

Small cell carcinoma – the most common type of lung cancer, which in a short time leads to the death of the patient. To diagnose a terrible disease in its early stages is impossible. The introduction of the currently available techniques is considered economically unjustified. However, the new technique promises to be accessible and effective: it is based on the analysis of blood and saliva and can detect a cancer through the diagnosis of two cancer-related mutations.

“We are pleased with the work our platform: it revealed a tumor that is still small enough to qualify for surgical treatment, – said one of the study’s authors, doctor of medical Sciences Charles Strom. – Currently work is underway to increase the number of analyzed mutations, and process automation to increase the sensitivity and facilitate screening”.


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