Scientists explained the reason for the appearance of a rectangular iceberg


Ученые объяснили причину появления прямоугольного айсбергаThe researchers analyzed satellite imagery and found the origin of the unusual shape.

Iceberg almost perfect smooth shape, which does not give rest to the users who broke away from the ice shelf a year ago and during this time has experienced many collisions with other icebergs.

The story of “travel” blocks of ice told NASA.

Iceberg with square corners removed specialist Agency Jeremy Harbeck during the flight as part of a research program to monitor the polar ice IceBridge. First, because of its shape, scientists have suggested that he had recently broken away from ice shelf Larsen.

Subsequently, however, scientists analyzed satellite imagery and found that the iceberg was formed in November of 2017, several months after glacier broke another huge iceberg that is called A-68.

Then the length of the iceberg was about four kilometers. He then began to move North and be on your way constantly faced with other blocks of ice. Because of this, the iceberg lost more than two kilometers of length and gradually “otacilia” to its current form.

We will remind, after the publication of the photos users are bombarded with comments, assumptions about the extraterrestrial origin of the boulders, and some even suspected hype.


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