Scientists discovered the detailed genome of wheat


Ученые обнаружили самый подробный геном пшеницыThe humanity will need a lot more wheat.

This product is the second-capacity production of the crop after maize, in 2016, people grew to 823 million tons.

A group of scientists from 20 countries presented the result of the hard work the detailed genome of wheat variety Chinese Spring. They were able to achieve the most complete and high-quality reading of a genome of wheat at the moment location information on chromosomes and 4.7 million DNA markers.

Calculated the genome will help researchers to establish its signs, for example, drought resistance or yield, and faster to acquire new varieties. Next, using genome scientists want to study the evolution of wheat and the change of some parts of the genome in time. The information obtained will help scientists to improve the quality and to sequence the genome of other varieties.

After almost 30 years the humanity will need a lot more wheat in this connection, we should be able to effectively resist pests, increase resistance to drought and crop.

Earlier it was reported that the Crimean researchers promised high-yielding wheat, despite the heat and drought. Help them new technology: drought-tolerant Attar plants when adding osmotic elements, with the result that will be received by the desired patterns.


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