Scientists concerned about the rapid melting of glaciers in the Arctic


Ученые обеспокоены быстрым таянием ледников в Арктике Scientists of the Russian Federation and Sweden have jointly determined that the Arctic glacier is melting faster than expected.

At the moment, its thickness is reduced to 18 inches annually.

In addition, the melting can trigger large methane emissions out of the thick ice, which can cause irreparable damage to the ozone ball and a significant increase in temperature in the region of emissions, which would entail even greater melting of the glaciers.

In the 80-ies scientists with drilling the ice cores in the Arctic found that the melting would take centuries, but such information proved to be incorrect.

In addition, the same methane violate the acceptable norm regular background emissions, which will entail serious consequences. Scientists themselves admit that the research results continue to prove that our position is disappointing.

Earlier it was reported that climatologists called 2016 “record warm” in the twenty-first century.


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