Scientists called the largest meteor shower this year


Ученые назвали дату крупнейшего звездопада этого годаSoon will be the largest free fall of 2018.

This will happen when the Earth’s atmosphere burst, the Perseids, which will create a meteor shower.

Ukrainians will also be able to enjoy the pleasant spectacle. The peak of the meteor shower the Perseids will be at night from 11 to 12 August and from 12 to 13 August. To observe the fall of meteorites can be anywhere in the Ukraine, provided clear weather.

Starfall Perseid form the heavenly bodies, which move from the constellation Perseus. Meteors fall to Earth at a speed of 59 km/h In 1993 recorded the highest number of falling stars – 500 meteors per hour. In 2018 it is expected to about 60-70.


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