Scientists call the place where you can survive the End of the world. Photo


Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. ФотоThe most secure meta for different types of Apocalypse.

Every few years, the soothsayers are predicting the Apocalypse. The last end of the world, the entire planet was waiting for in 2012. Then the culprit was the Mayan civilization, the calendar which someone had provided on 21 December, the day of judgment. But at the last moment it became clear that data was interpreted incorrectly, and the end of the world for a time postponed.

Whatever the Apocalypse, the final it is always the same, but the scenario, which can happen in the period of the end of the world, always different. Instead of each time the message about the impending end of the world to join the crowd of panicking and falling into mass hysteria, it is necessary to consider a rescue plan in case the Apocalypse did happen. Here are 10 places in various doomsday scenarios your chances of survival will be much higher.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото

Vatican City, Italy

The script of the Apocalypse: the world was invaded by a dictator

It is the smallest country in the world. It has no developed industry, no natural resources. The main source of income are the donations of Catholics, but the main value of the country are masterpieces of architecture. The dictator, who decided to conquer the world, they are unlikely to be interested, at least at first. So it is possible to securely hide, even for a while, and at the same time to obtain absolution from the Pope.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото


The script of the Apocalypse: the destruction of the planet

Be it an asteroid or another danger from outside threatens to cause serious destruction of the planet, a refuge from her better look in Iceland. Mountain rivers, fed by glaciers, provide water and provisions, and the underground heat of volcanoes can be used for good and to grow those bananas. Endless green meadows, vast natural reserves of fresh water and clean air — powerful arguments in favor of, to begin to rebuild the world from that place.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото

The Aran Islands, Ireland

The script of Apocalypse: alien invasion

From the icy Land of aliens who decided to enslave the planet’s population and to develop all the natural resources should be saved on the Aran Islands. “Why Aran” — you ask? Yes, because this is the real end of the world, as isolated from most of Iceland and from other countries. Time seems to have stopped here: the main occupation of the islanders remains a farming and fishing, and they cherish their customs and culture. To get here, like to go on a time machine and go back a few decades ago. Not experiencing a shortage of woolen clothes and national costumes of the visitors from another planet come here just will not, therefore, alien invasion, you can wait out here if a few pints of Guinness.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото


The script of the Apocalypse: war robots

Fleeing from the hordes of angry robots, is heading to the island of GUAM, located in the Western part of the Pacific ocean. The place is best suited as a refuge because, first, it is an island, and robots, as we know, can’t swim, and, secondly, it is the largest strategic U.S. military base in the Pacific ocean, which greatly increases your chances of survival.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото

Istanbul, Turkey

The script of the Apocalypse: the strongest earthquake

One of the scenarios of the Apocalypse will destroy the world is powerful, “a great earthquake”. In this scenario, the chances of escape are minimal, but they are still there. Temporary shelter could become an international airport Sabiha gökçen in Istanbul. Its new terminal is the world’s largest earthquake-proof building. The construction can withstand an earthquake measuring eight points, but still fully functional after it.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото

North Korea

The script of the Apocalypse: the zombie Apocalypse

The most closed country in the world has been living behind the iron curtain. In the country erected a “fence “, and around many of the buildings are quite real barriers. Concrete walls surrounded by literally all around, everywhere closed the old onetake located along the “road tour”, a double fence placed on the coast and, if anything, on it and the electricity to let you can. So to roam where they like, as in The Walking Dead, will not work here, but you can find refuge by reserving yourself in a hotel room, each of which, of course, surrounded by a fence with electric wire.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото


The script of the Apocalypse: a global pandemic

In the case of an epidemic on a world scale with mass lesions of the population does not want to have an open Schengen. The coveted stamp in the passport will allow you to get to Geneva. There will be to find shelter and begin to pray that the scientists will have time to find an effective cure. Wait for a miracle in Geneva is because here is the headquarters of the who. And if the medication is still there, you will be closest to those who will get it first.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото

New York, USA

The script of the Apocalypse: fallout

After many wars on the planet left many bunkers and shelters. To wait for better times, it is theoretically possible in any of them, but most comfortable it will be to do in the Empire state Plaza. On the underground floor are various food courts, shops, banks and a system of tunnels connecting the design with other buildings, what gives us hope for salvation.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото

Yukon, Canada

The script of the Apocalypse: global warming

If all the ice and snow melts, many countries and cities will be flooded. Under water will be buried in London, Venice, Holland, part of Denmark, Buenos Aires, coastal Uruguay and many other places. But will remain on the map and a separate land areas, which can still be spread. One is a territory in Northwest Canada’s Yukon. Due to the not so friendly climate here is not so many people, and global warming will open access to forest resources and hunting grounds.

Ученые назвали места, в которых можно пережить Конец света. Фото

Las Vegas, USA

The script of the Apocalypse: descent

According to legend, after the crucifixion, Christ descended into hell, brought to the underworld its the preaching of the gospel, freed the prisoners there souls and brought all the old Testament righteous. If the Scriptures of the Bible will one day come to life, thus hell will be earth, and for obvious reasons you will not get to the favorite list, go to Vegas. No wonder it is called sin City — it was conceived as a place where you can succumb to the temptation of Vice and greed. So where how not here to off last.


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