Scientists call the perfect man


Ученые назвали идеальный человеческий рост Optimal growth was considered on the basis of statistics for harmony in the relationship.

Scientists conducted an interesting study that explains what determines happiness and harmony in relations.

Thus, scientists say that in a strong relationship, the man should be above women. The higher it is, the better. The researchers also brought the so-called ideal growth. For women it is 173 cm, and for men – 188 cm.

Recall that scientists have found in any month of the year are born the most intelligent people. The study showed scientists from the U.S., born in September, children are often the most able students.

If you want to provide the child the best start in life, perhaps a good idea would be to conceive it somewhere in the beginning of the Christmas holidays. The study showed that the older children at the beginning of schooling, the higher level they get, which beneficially affects the rest of their lives.

In addition, we wrote how to seem taller: the TOP 10 women’s tricks. The website “Today” was written on the advice of professional designers for those who would like to visually add to his height a few inches.


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