Scientist published the hidden letter of Isaac Newton


Ученый опубликовал скрытые письмо Исаака Ньютона Newton predicts the onset of a new era with the 2060.

Astronomer and blogger from Austria Florian Freistetter in his book brought some of the letters of Isaac Newton, in which a scientist refers to the Bible. In the opinion of Newton, the world of change that needs to happen around 2060.

This decision was made after a detailed study of religious texts. In all Scriptures it is noted that with a 2060 on the planet will begin a new era. Newton, by the way, does not imply the end of the world, and talks about some “reset” when the world becomes God’s Kingdom.

It is important to note that drastic changes will come only after large-scale wars and various disasters. If the Apocalypse happens, it is not until 2060. The scientist did not see the prerequisites for the beginning of the end of the world before this time.

Newton in his theory was based more on religious Scripture, not an exact science, and various calculations. Modern scholars, in turn, strongly believe the ancient tests, and trying to find a natural reason for a possible change that would not contradict science.

At the moment, the danger of volcanoes that can cause on the planet “volcanic winter”.


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