Scientist called the worst year in the history of mankind


Ученый назвал наихудший год в истории человечества According to the researcher, 1500 years ago the earth was covered with fog, which has caused famine and plague.

A researcher from Harvard University Mike McCormick notes that 536 the year can be considered the worst period experienced by humankind.

A summer day at the European territory, the middle East and some parts of Asia the fog descended, the light changed to darkness. About a year the people lived without sunlight, the average temperature fell to 2.5°C. all These factors have led to the fact that all the plants died, people and animals were not there.

A few years after the earth was enveloped in darkness, people began EN masse to defeat the plague that hastened the collapse of the Roman Empire. Dark age of reason not mentioned in the textbooks, they are not talked about in schools and universities in the study of world history.

Recently, the Swiss glacier samples obtained by McCormick and Paul Majewski, clarified the situation 536, the year. As it turned out, the darkness was due to the Icelandic volcano eruption, despite repeated. The ashes spread to the entire Northern hemisphere.

Scientists plan to study the volcano in Iceland to know at least the approximate time of a new eruption. According to experts, 536 th year was the crisis. The level of stagnation, scientists can determine the amount of lead in the air for a particular year. Silver was extracted from lead by melting the material.

In the process of manipulation in the air out a lot of lead dust. If for a certain period in the air was a little lead, so the economy was in decline, no one engaged in the production of silver.


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