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Sounds like something incredible.

How many people would not live in the world and no matter how much they gained new knowledge, will always remain something unknown. And it’s wonderful. Because what is life will still be good, if you know everything about her.

We present a new selection of facts that seem so simple and at the same time, incredible that it’s hard to believe their authenticity.

Cold water can be distinguished from hot to sound when it flows from the tap

The viscosity of water increases with increasing temperature, which is why you will hear the difference between hot and cold. In the video you can listen to.

Sharks existed before trees

The age of the earliest discovered fossils of a shark — 420 million years. The first trees appeared on Earth in the Devonian period, which began 419 million years ago and ended 358 million years ago.

Pottery appeared before people with blue eyes

In the 2008 research team of the University of Copenhagen have tracked the gene for blue eyes until a common ancestor, which likely lived about 10 thousand years ago. And age found in China shards that testify to the existence of pottery is 20 thousand years.

Charlie Chaplin and rapper 50 Cent have lived at one time

Although they are representatives of completely different eras and cultures, Chaplin still lived with a rapper at the same time — the famous actor died on December 25, 1977, when Curtis Jackson was two and a half years.

Cumulus clouds can weigh more than one million pounds (454 tonnes)

The mean cloud volume of about one cubic kilometer weighs about 1.1 million pounds (458 tons).

UK slightly less than the U.S. state of Michigan

The area of great Britain — 242 495 square kilometers, including land and water space. And the area of Michigan, including land area and water area, — 250 of 493 square kilometers. However, if we consider only the land, the United Kingdom more American state on 93 thousand square kilometers.

All peacocks are males

In nature there is no such thing as a female peacock. Because they are called “PAVA”.

Every year, cows kill more people than sharks

In Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the USA has estimated that over the five-year period in four States occurred 21 the incident with the cows, in which a man died. That is about four deaths per year. While from shark attacks killed an average of one person per year.

An error of 2%, sought by the Chinese government in the census exceeds the population of whole of Australia

The population of China in 2016 1,378 billion people. So 2% of this figure (27.57 million people) exceeds the population of Australia — slightly more than 24 million.

The first people who measured Everest, added a couple feet to figure didn’t seem fictional

The team first had to measure the height of the peak of mount Everest, found that it equals exactly 29 thousand feet (8839 m). Thinking that they will not be believed due to the even number, the team added two feet to sound more believable (8840 m). However, since new methods of measuring mountain peaks showed that the exact height of mount Everest is 29, 035 feet (8848 m).

A quarter of the bones in the human body are in the feet

The human foot consists of 28 bones in two legs — 56 bones. Is slightly more than 27% of the total number of bones in the human body — 206.

Lighters invented before matches

Of flint Dobereiner was invented by Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner in 1824 and is considered the first full-fledged and relatively safe lighter. Those matches that we know today, was invented in 1827.

When in 1883 the eruption of Krakatoa, the sound was so strong that it was heard at a distance of 500 kilometers

This eruption of Krakatau is one of the most deadly and destructive in history: at least 36 417 people died in the eruption and resulting tsunamis.

The world population has doubled in just the last 50 years

In 1960 the world population was about three billion people. At the time of 2010 this number reached seven billion.


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