Scientific discoveries that appear to their creators


Научные открытия, приснившиеся их создателям

Since ancient times, mankind was treated to dreams, as something mystical. Dreams that are repeated past events, people could still interpret from the point of view of experienced emotions. But the nature of dreams in which people saw what was happening over a period of time to accurately explain one of the reports

The brain is constantly at work, taking and analyzing information from everyday life. And if the person is busy with some important matter, “inner computer” will try to find a solution. Even while you sleep.This feature of the brain explains the fact that many ingenious solutions to challenges that the great scientists and inventors struggled for a long time, come to them in dreams.

One of the most famous discoveries that have been made in the dream is an ordinal system of chemical elements. It was created in the XIX century. Dmitri Mendeleev tried to organize the known elements using the table. According to the scientist, he hasn’t slept in three days trying to solve this problem. When he finally went to sleep, in a dream he received the decision. Waking up, Mendeleev developed the periodic system.

American inventor of sewing machines with “Shuttle stitch” Elias Howe initially designed the hole for the thread in the middle of the needle. This needle was not allowed to do stitches when knitting fabrics. He saw a dream, where the crowd threw him with spears with holes at the end, HOU have applied this method in the design of the needle. And the stitches went.

Danish scientist Niels Bohr in his dream he saw a model of atomic structure of matter. This discovery marked the beginning of the study of the principles of radioactivity of certain elements and concepts of atomic energy.

The German chemist Friedrich von stradonitz in a dream discovered the structure of benzene ring – form molecules of many hydrocarbons, including gasoline. After his discovery, the scientist believed that a brilliant solution can come in dreams. In one of the scientific congresses, it is suggested to examine your dreams to come to the truth.


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