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The apartment people are not able to get rid of the junk. Photo

Photos made in the UK.Why not just piled in the room: rotting food, shreds of hair, faulty equipment... In the houses of these "Thrifty people" rarely have guests, the owners are ashamed of their disorder.Photographer Floor Slichter (Paula Salischiker) was invited into the...

Israeli scientists have denied the benefits of healthy eating

A greater role played by the individual characteristics of organisms.Scientists from Israel conducted a study and were shocked - it turned out, the benefits of a healthy diet is only a fiction.A group of scientists from the Weizmann Institute (Israel), headed by Dr....

The concussion turned the man into a musical genius

Amazing event occurred in the United States.Derek Amato is an American who at the time was in a world of printed publications because of their truly amazing stories.Far from music, he one morning 13 years ago woke up a musical genius. Surprisingly, it...