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In the United States have created a prosthesis that transmits cutaneous sensation

A unique design is able to convey the pain.Using electronic sensors, which imitate nerve endings in the body, the skin can transmit the sense of touch, and even painful feelings.Innovative skin was made from a combination of fabric and rubber, which includes electronic...

The EU has promised not to leave unanswered the new American duties

The European official spoke about the response.The EU will be forced to take retaliatory steps if the U.S. will impose duties on car imports from the EU, said the Vice-President of the Commission Jyrki Katainen.On Friday, the President of the United States Donald...

A former British official has described the journey in time

The man told about what he saw in the future.Time traveler, who did not disclose his name, decided to make the society more perfect. With this purpose, a former official of the United Kingdom for two hundred thousand euros went to the distant...