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Famous Hollywood actress stand out in a sparkly dress with feathers

The star came out in a dress from Chanel.Actress Chloe sevigny at the evening events can often be seen in Chanel. So, for example for the premiere of the film "van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity," directed by Julian Schnabel she's wearing ultrashort...

The snow-covered Ukraine in the magic pictures. Photo

Snow fell in many areas.In the night from 19 to 20 November of the regions of Ukraine covered with snow, and the roads ice was formed. In some places the snow depth reached 15 centimeters."On the 20th of November at night was a sharp...

A resident of Morocco killed the beloved and made him lunch

The man wanted to marry another.A woman from Morocco, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, suspected that she had killed and fried a roommate.According to investigators, she went on the offense, when he learned that the man who had lived with her for...