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In Italy, the plane crashed into the wire, has died

The crash site was on fire.After the collision with the cable lines of high voltage, the plane crashed to the ground and caught fire.Two people were killed in the crash of a light aircraft in the province of Treviso in Northern Italy. On Thursday,...

The doctors explained why you should regularly eat cabbage

The consumption of this vegetable brings immense health benefits.The members of the Institute Francis Crick in London found in cabbage substance I3C, which protects the bowel from cancer. This statement was made by a scientist gitt Stockinger.Experts have long been studying various infections, contributing...

Users of Instagram reported the hacker hacks accounts

A lot of people around the world reported about the hacking of personal accounts on Instagram, and many attacks were almost identical to each other.Users out of accounts, and when they tried to log back in, they found that their name, profile picture, contact...