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Look like in Bolivia, the house of the rich. Photo

They live in wealthy people from India. Photographer and traveler Yuri Segalerba made wonderful pictures of the Bolivian city of El Alto, which is 4 thousand meters above sea level. But geographical location is not the only thing that may surprise this town. It...

Named the most reliable social network for extremists

What place in the Network is considered reliable.The German experts note that the social network vk.com from right-wing extremists considered "safe place". The administration of "contact" is not interested in removing illegal content.Right-wing extremists in connection with the efforts of control are increasingly using...

The British canceled the annual fireworks display: the cause

A month ago, the white whale swam into the Thames.The authorities of the British town of Gravesend in Kent was canceled annual fireworks display on the river Thames because of the Beluga whale, who was named benny. About it writes The Guardian.Every year the...