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Off the coast of Britain stranded Russian ship

The coast guard cordoned off the area.The Russian ship "Kuzma Minin" ran aground off the coast of Britain, near the Cornish coast.The incident occurred around 5.40 a.m. local time.According to the coast guard, the ship observed a roll of about 5 degrees. On Board...

Mercedes has announced a release date for the updated budget sedan

The cheapest sedan will replace the generation. The current CLA sedan, the first generation release in 2013.Based at the hatch A-Class model in the Mercedes-Benz position as a "four-door coupe", until recently, was the cheapest "chetyrehdverki" premium brand, but this year a family of...

Ashton Kutcher revealed how Mila kunis looks like without makeup

Ashton Kutcher has published a rare home photo.Mila kunis is one of those stellar Hotties that can easily appear in public with minimal makeup and in a casual manner, and look great. The husband of actress Ashton Kutcher appreciates the natural beauty of his...