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Dentists called the main tips for maintaining healthy teeth

These recommendations will help keep a white smile.The health of our teeth and oral cavity depends not only on the correct selection of toothpaste, but also from what we eat. Dentists called the 5 rules of nutrition that will help to maintain a...

On one of the rivers in China suddenly formed a whirlpool

The surface of the water covered with white foam.Unexplained vortex suddenly appeared last week on the surface the Chinese river Cantani. According to eyewitnesses of the incident, a strange funnel formed almost overnight, the water bubbled and was covered with foam. Characteristically, no...

Paparazzi caught Eva Longoria with a small child

The actress went for a walk without makeup.43-year-old Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria) on June 19 gave birth to her son Santiago. The boy's father is 50-year-old businessman Jose Antonio Baston, the husband of actress. To eve the child was the firstborn, and Jose...