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Chronic fatigue syndrome: when you need to “sound the alarm”

Many do not consider this problem serious. About chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for many decades, different researchers argue. They have very conflicting information, different theories explaining the emergence of this syndrome. Therefore, approaches to the treatment of this condition are several. Details about...

Named the most common signs of thrombosis

It is important to know about them.Clots safe only if the person is healthy and his serdechno-vascular system running smoothly and harmoniously, but as the main reason for the destruction of the vessel walls is high blood pressure and hypertension, we mozhei not...

Doctors have found as the color of the product affects the effectiveness of the diet

What properties do products of different colors.As it turned out, the effectiveness of the diet depends not only on diet composition but also on the colors of the products that is eaten. According to the research conducted by doctors from Japan, vegetables and...