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Fifteen of the most beautiful bridges of Prague. Photo

In Prague more than 300 bridges. Radiant Prague, lying on the banks of the Vltava river, often said to be one of the best preserved cities in Europe. Virtually untouched by the wars of the XX century, it preserved many of the architectural masterpieces...

Mass protests in France: on the street, out of 38 thousand people

The protesters oppose the policy of Emmanuel Macron. The Frenchmen across the country took to the streets and staged mass rallies in protest of labor reform, which promised the President of France Emmanuel macron.Events were held in six major cities. Only in Paris to...

Shooting in the capital of Sweden: there are wounded

The perpetrators of the incident have not yet been detained. "Witnesses informed the police that he heard three to five shots", - writes the edition. Upon arrival, police found two victims. How serious their injuries are not reported. Witnesses told about other people,...