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The doctors explained why as often as possible you should eat watermelon

One of the most useful summer products. Scientists have explained why the summer should eat watermelon every day. According to researchers, watermelon may significantly improve the health of the person.As you know, watermelon is a source of all important nutrients. The main ones are...

Real tropics in the middle of Germany. Photo

The Germans created an unusual resort. In today's world, people have long been accustomed to innovative technologies. We are not surprised skyscrapers, the tops of which are lost in the clouds. We are comfortable with the underwater restaurants and other delights of modern architecture....

Dynamo presented a bid to the Champions League match against “young boys”

Vice-champion of Ukraine Kiev "Dynamo" declared the squad for the first leg of the third qualifying round of the Champions League against Swiss "young boys".Head coach of "white-blue" Alexander Khatskevich in the first European match of the season relies on their best players, including...