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The doctors explained the dangers of paracetamol

The popular medication may damage the health. Treatment of kids Calphalon or other drugs based on acetaminophen more than doubles risk of development of asthma later in life. To such conclusion came researchers from the University of Melbourne.Scientists argue that the widely used drug...

One of Kiev’s tracks called most dangerous in Ukraine

One dead three kilometers.In the spring of 2019 in Ukraine to start large-scale work on road safety. Meanwhile, the Advisor to the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine, specialist on transport Victor Zagreb examined the current state of Affairs and in an interview called dangerous...

The large Magellanic cloud swallowed up a dwarf galaxy

Scientists told about the past of the Magellanic clouds.Astronomer Benjamin Franklin from the University of Western Australia conducted a mathematical simulation that showed that in the past the Magellanic clouds, dwarf satellite galaxies of the milky Way - there were three, not two. One...