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Disney will make a movie based on the novel “Notre Dame Cathedral”

Unlike the previous version, this will not be animated.The Disney Studio has already started work on the film "the Hunchback of Notre Dame". It was a remake of the 1996 cartoon, but with live actors.The script of the new version will be written...

In the American sky filmed the unusual red glow

It is unknown where this column of light.The following video was received on 15 January this year in Texas. Late in the evening one of the locals noticed a strange anomaly in the dark sky and rushed to capture what he saw on...

American record built a big tree house. Photo

The house rests directly on the six trees.The priest Horatio Burgess of the U.S. state of Tennessee always wanted my own treehouse one day and great went. To build the building he began in 1993, and worked hard for many years. Ultimately building...