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Demand for Bravo apples in Southeast Asia is increasing

A unique Australian apple is rising in popularity in Southeast Asia, thanks to its striking appearance, sweet juiciness and health benefits. The Bravo apple variety is well known in Australia and it seems that this Apple is becoming the apple of the eye of the...

Bitkub exchange got under investigation: wash trade bots dominate the trading

Thailand's largest crypto exchange Bitkub is under the supervision of the country's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) due to the possible falsification and creation of artificial trading volume on the platform. Getting into trouble The SEC is also reportedly already taking legal action against the crypto...

Health Minister: re-criminalizing cannabis is not an option

Thai lawmakers last week forced the repeal of a bill to regulate wider use of cannabis because the proposed legislation did not contain enough provisions to prevent abuse for recreational purposes. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives voted 198 to 136 to repeal the...