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New Zealand company tries four-day working week

Unilever is going to try out a four-day working week in New Zealand. In this way, the organization aims to increase the productivity and well-being of workers. In New Zealand, 81 people work at Unilever, all of whom come to work for four days for...

The Utah desert monolith is vanished

The mysterious monolith that was previously found in the desert of the American state of Utah seems to be lost. Local authorities have shown that the object has been changed 'by an unknown third party'. A remote region and the chances of getting lost or...

China launches lander to the moon to bring rocks to Earth

China sent a lander to the moon. Chang'e 5 was launched on Monday evening with a Long March 5. The spacecraft is supposed to pick up rocks from the moon and bring them back to Earth. The long Mars rocket rose at 21: 30 Dutch...