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A virtual journey to distant Alaska. Photo

This unique place.Today we go on a trip to Alaska, the South-Eastern part. Wildlife, scenic landscapes.1. The unofficial title of Southeast Alaska — Alaska Panhandle, Pen Alaska. It happened because of similarity of the image of Alaska on the map on bucket (pan) with...

The cause of the first mass extinction

The bindeman and his colleagues proposed an alternative explanation for this phenomenon.The appearance of the first scraps of land 2.5 billion years ago caused the Earth to reflect more light and heat into space, which led to a gradual freezing of the entire planet...

Volkswagen has unveiled the budget crossover

The design of the new Volkswagen cross serial Tharu is almost identical to the concept. German company Volkswagen has officially unveiled the new compact crossover Tharu. The first novelty will get the Chinese, then the car popular segment SUV will launch in other countries...