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Called the main rule of safe consumption fruit

Although fruits and healthy food, need to use them wisely.Associate Professor of dietetics and nutrition of the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education Olena CEDIA told about what to eat fruit should be in the first half of the day.The fact that rich...

In Afghanistan demanded an apology from Russia

Kabul hopes that Moscow will apologize for Soviet actions.Afghan Ambassador to Russia Abdul Kayum Kuchai said that Kabul hopes to apologize to the Russian authorities during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The diplomat said at a meeting with LDPR faction in...

On the machines of these brands are least likely to go women

The "male" brand was Subaru.Experts conducted a survey of car owners, as a result, they identified the brands of cars that often belong to men.According to the survey among the owners of Subaru 95,1% male and 4.9% female. Second place with a score...