School lunch from the “prehistoric animal” in the Urals became interested in the Deputy of the state Duma


Школьным обедом из «доисторического животного» в Зауралье заинтересовался депутат ГД

State Duma Deputy Alexander iltyakov took control of the situation in yurgamyshskiy school in the Kurgan region, which became famous in social networks “the soup of a prehistoric animal”. The MP is ready to personally visit the school, he said “URA.RU”.

“Next week I work in the Kurgan region. If you need to go there, I will depart,” — said iltyakov. He noted that currently the situation in the school “more than under control”: “I yesterday to call. There are now working and CPS and the Prosecutor’s office and the Department of education.” He iltyakov believes that the school has done nothing “sverkhvysokogo”.

The MP noted that the situation in school will become evident next week: “it Will be clear what corned beef was used and why it was offal”. According to him, production of the supplier is now checked in the laboratory, it is necessary not less than five days. At the same time iltyakov did not rule out the fault of the educational institution: “there Is a consequence. The competent authorities seriously deal with this issue”.



About the strange piece of meat found in the soup the students, earlier reported “URA.RU”. Users of social networks to put forward their versions that offered the children for lunch: beef lips or cheeks, the meat of a hedgehog and even a “prehistoric animal”. Scientist Paul and Kosintsev suggested that the inner surface of the mouth of a cow, however, in the stew that should not be.

Школьным обедом из «доисторического животного» в Зауралье заинтересовался депутат ГД


A strange piece of meat has interested office of public Prosecutor, SKR, the CPS and scientists


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