Scarlet shoulder straps. Thoughts to the Day of defender of the Fatherland


Алые погоны. Размышления ко Дню защитника Отечества

I straight away started to make the tops of Soviet films (bad and good) of the 80-ies. However, started with 1981. It’s probably unfair to 1980. Correct this omission. However in this post I want to remember only one film in 1980. But it is directly related to 23 February.

The film “Scarlet epaulets” was filmed in 1980 by Director Oleg Hyde screenplay by Arthur Viteckova and Boris Izum at the Studio to them. A. Dovzhenko.

In Soviet times there was such joke: “There are good movies, there are bad, and there is a film Studio to them.Dovzhenko”. This is an allusion to the fact that in Soviet times, the Studio produced a lot of very weak, and frankly bad movies. But it’s not exactly about the movie “Scarlet epaulets”. Because “Scarlet epaulets” is one of the best films shot on film Studio.Dovzhenko, and indeed is one of the best Soviet films for teenagers. The film tells about the creation of one of the first Suvorov schools, pupils of which was children and teenagers, as it was told, “scorched by war”, or “wounded animal,” to borrow the term of another great Soviet movie, 1976 (directed by Nikolai Gubenko) by about the same subject. But I’m talking about “Alye pogony”.

I can’t say that when I first watched “Scarlet epaulets” he shook me. In 15 years there is no such thing as a “shocked”. But the fact that I’m nearly watched all series of this movie is the fact. And of course one of the main factors of the huge emotional impact of this film was the main character – Suvorov Vladimir Kovalev. His role was played by Alexey Serebryakov.

Who played Alexey Serebryakov in “Alye pogony”? He played an honest right of the kid who early learned that there is real Evil in the world; intolerant of lies, hypocrisy and the substitution of concepts, intolerant to any rudeness and arrogance and, more importantly, ready to rise up against this rot.

1980 – this time a total inflation of such concepts as honor and dignity. No, in all these words crackled like a Geiger counter near a nuclear power plant. But even I, a teenager, felt the falseness and rottenness of official propaganda. And the movie “Scarlet epaulets” was sincere and honest. Sincere and honest was Suvorov Vladimir Kovalev, played – brilliantly played! Aleksey Serebryakov. I will not fall to the pathetic – LJ is not exactly the place, where appropriate. But just to repeat that the movie “the Scarlet shoulder-straps” – a very good film, a film that forms a correct mindset of a teenager. And it was largely thanks to the play of Alexei Serebryakov.

As time went on. The country has changed, collapsed, seething and bubbling. Changed heroes of Alexei Serebryakov. Looking at the film “the Fan” (about karate, about karate) I couldn’t believe that the main character played by the same actor who played once cadets of Vladimir Kovalev. I have not followed his work, but all the 90, if it is seen in some movies, it caused the rejection. And a feeling of betrayal. Like the actor Alexey Serebryakov betrayed cadets of Vladimir Kovalev. Of course, there were the roles just gorgeous, though utterly disgusting, for example, the doctor from the movie “Zhmurki”. But overall Serebryakov a certain brand of something low.

Especially if it was done some behind-the-scenes puppeteers to erase the memory of the fittest created the image – the image of the cadets Kovalev? You can, for example, to recall Vladimir Konkin, who as if on purpose to mix with the dirt of your past role, began playing some crustaceans (“And sleep with another man’s wife good?”, “The Princess on beans”, etc.). With Serebryakov, I thought it was something like that.

But gradually began other roles. For example, Colonel Felix Nai-Turs “White guard” (2011). In 2014, biography Serebriakova was a film “Leviathan”. Very unpleasant, very dark, very ugly – and very honest film. The film has caused a flurry of discussions and personal insults personally Serebryakov. Besides, by this time he is already two years since he left Russia to Canada.

So the other day there was another interview of Aleksey Serebryakov, which has excited all the opportunistic media. of modern Russia. And I saw that he was still a cadet Vladimir Kovalev – honest, sincere, hate hypocrisy, arrogance and rudeness. Yes, he walked a winding path the search for identity in the 90s. But within he remained a pure person. Unlike the hordes of rotten inside the mutants, who began to bark in his direction.

Actor – any – it is similar to a woman. As you know – “a woman, she feels the heart” (). And the actors – if they are truly actors – do you hear my heart. Exactly according to the teaching of Fox from “the Little Prince”. Maybe putting our feelings into words, honest actor, such as Aleksey Serebryakov, may not accurately convey the essence of their feelings. But feeling it is true.

Patriotism and desire to defend the Fatherland is not a praise in the address of the first persons of the state and the frenzied yapping at anyone who sees the processes of decay and talks about them. Patriotism is the love for the Fatherland and the willingness to speak unpleasant words in the case that the Fatherland is happening very bad things. Alexei Serebryakov – a true patriot of Russia, because I sincerely worried about the fact that in modern Russia is happening. And the humus, which is now furiously spits in his direction is just junk that will sooner or later disappear.

And I am very pleased that Alexei Serebryakov, who in 1980 played in the movie “Scarlet epaulets” the role of cadets Kovalev, which so resonated with my attitude, I changed myself and my way.

And finally is a video of another person any trash on the payroll can also immediately burn the enemy of Russia.

People – this is obvious – recently saw the light. I am sure that a couple of years ago, he would not only not have said this, but rather would be considered an enemy of all who this may voice. But as they say, better late than never.

With the Day of defenders of the Fatherland!


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