Scammers have found a use Apple AirPods


Мошенники нашли применение Apple AirPodsCriminals use Apple AirPods to eavesdrop conversations

Journalists uncovered a method that allows attackers to eavesdrop on others ‘ conversations through Apple AirPods. The main tool Scam has become a function of “Live Listen”, designed for users with hearing problems.

According to the British journalists, the “Live Listen”, designed for those users AirPods are experiencing hearing problems, is successfully used by hackers for eavesdropping other people’s conversations. This option was introduced in iOS 12. It allows you to use your iPhone as a wireless microphone that transmits sound directly to the headset. Basically such a function are hard of hearing. It works at a distance up to 15 meters and be controlled via smartphone.

It clarifies the issue, to use this feature can and attackers. They can include a “Listen Live” on the AirPods and go into another room, leaving iPhone that works with her in the next room. Thus, they listen to other people’s conversations, just leaving the smartphone in a room where there are strangers. According to users of social networks, this feature can be used by hackers to discover personal information of other people.


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