Scam shareholders suburbs run-in to the Muscovites under the program of renovation


Кидалово дольщиков Подмосковья обкатают на москвичах по программе реновации

In October of last year, “SP” spoke in detail about what global problems on a daily basis have to face tens of thousands of residents of suburban new buildings, which raises GC PEAK area of the suburban village of Putilkovo Krasnogorsk municipal district.

Usually after these publications the respondents in the field reported to the editor about some positive changes in the decision of those or other questions. For example, in Moscow it managed to save from extinction the unique architectural monuments: house Sveshnikov XIX-th century estate of Prince Vorontsov-Dashkovs XVIII-th. And lytkarinsky real estate investors, LLC “Slavyanskoe Podvorye L”, six years ago, invested in the complex “Central” military certificates, finally attracted the attention authorities to the problem of the unfinished.

However, in the case Putilovskiy “Mortongrad” business from a dead point did not move. Here’s just continuing to stand in the wild traffic of the narrow two-lane highway, not coping with traffic flow. Ambulance, police and rescue workers still get to call the best within 40-60 minutes.

“And all because of the fact — says one of the administrators of initiative group of inhabitants of Putilkovo Stanislav Smagin — that promised by the developer infrastructure around our properties never built, although only one Mortongrad “daughter” Pika, OOO “RIVAS MO” gathered with us under the equity contract (a copy of one such kindergarten is available to the SP, as well as copies of all documents referred to below — ed.) more than 22 billion rubles. However, no schools, no kindergartens, no Parking in the amount promised to us we never see.”

“We have to carry children in the Metropolitan clinic, to share their misery Nushaba and Anastasia Mamaeva Aniskevich. — Public transport with the kids to drive is almost impossible, since the bus from the area going to the metro shodnenskaya, which is absolutely illogical. Very difficult with babies to go on the bus and then the subway. Therefore, each visit by taxi to the clinic at metro Planernaya costs a minimum of 500 rubles to the family budget. Our neighbor Petro Lapko was not able to exercise their legitimate right of free calling a doctor at home. He had to call pay doctor from your mobile app and pay for the visit 2330 rubles.”

“I have two children, four-year and six-year-old Masha Vanya — adds Elena Zhdanova. — We have to get up at 5.30 am to take children to kindergarten in the Western Degunino, so as to have time to leave before 7 am, otherwise, then traffic was terrible, and we are always late. Return home only at 20: 00. The children are very tired, to Wake them up in the morning difficult. I can only imagine what will happen to the school, as will be homework!”.

The head of the Krasnogorsk district radium Khabirov, continues Smagin, within 10 months of its activity on this post is not made to resolve issues almost nothing.

“No, of course he came up with this format as the meeting with residents. Two of us spent, — said the activist. The first was held on 7 December last year, she recorded, there were put concrete tasks, deadlines and responsible persons are appointed. But, by and large, it all turned out to be a fiction, because at the second meeting, held 19 days later, Khabirov under the camcorder admitted that at no time in our neighborhood were not. But how can you manage and find time even if just passing through to see a huge new areas? But he created the appearance of work and writing unsubscribe”.

Moreover, these meetings revealed some surprising facts.

Now Mortongrad thirty thousand and twenty thousand of the neighboring LCD “New Tushino” is just one school for 1,100 people. And the promised second with 625 seats will not fit where it was supposed to build it originally, as all built houses, changing the adopted development plan. In the end, the developer proposed to build a school only for 140 places, and at the expense of the municipal budget. As they say members of the initiative group, the administration of Krasnogorsk is going to design the 2018 school for 400 people, but to build it will begin only in 2019. “Is it normal? — they are outraged. — We have already paid out of pocket for the equity contract for the construction of infrastructure, and now will take on the same thing again and our taxes! And what has happened to our paid billions?»

However, more recently, in Putilkovo, or rather, in UP-block “New Tushino”, the new school has been constructed. Many of the media did not fail to clarify that its total area is more than 31.7 thousand “squares”, and it is calculated as much as 1510 of students and will focus on the in-depth study of foreign languages and the development of sport. The only caveat is will fly the majority of Putilkovo in a pretty penny, as the institution is commercial.

“The inhabitants of the “New Tushino” — continues Stanislav Smagin — will have monthly to pay 16 thousand rubles for the educational process plus another 4 thousand on food. For this price, the child can be in school up to 16 hours and once a week to use the pool within forty-minute gym class. Residents “Mortongrad” this pleasure will cost more — 26 Grand in student loans and 4 thousand on food. A total of 30,000 per child! And if two children, plus the mortgage? And, not to mention the fact that the child’s stay at school after 16 hours are available for an additional fee. If you visit some clubs, up to 18 hours of 500 rubles plus the separate cost section. If no section, just 2,500 rubles.”

Proposal for extension Putilkovskoe highway, too, is original, continue the activists. According to the investment contract to expand highway needs directly to the developer, however, PIK, they assure, for these purposes, agrees to allocate only 130 million roubles, but they will be just transferred to the area, so to widen the road will have in the end, it is she, and again at the expense of the regional budget, resulting in another waste.

When it became known that the promised police stations for the district, with a population of 60,000 people (which may soon be added a further 37 000 equity holders planned by another developer of a new residential complex) will not be due to optimization. Instead, Putilkovo do propose to create a national guard and to patrol the area. But in the meeting they had already three times refused, although the policy this event has nothing, people are just trying to use all means available to protect its rights. This is despite the fact that this ban was successfully challenged them in court.

However, different from the head of the city district residents Putilkovo and do not wait, because came from Bashkortostan official stretches notoriety. The initiative group of real estate investors conducted their own investigation found out that 10 years ago, “the President of Bashkiria dismissed from his position the head of his administration Radium habirova. A senior official was dismissed for frauds with habitation and commercial real estate, as well as for concealed in the Declaration, a considerable share of their property. The former head of the presidential administration has repeatedly given orders for the allocation of certain people apartments, and with the provision of state subsidies. Commercial real estate was sold on approved Habirov the prices which were significantly less than the market. Among other facts that prompted officially dismissed the head of his administration because of the numerous allegations of corruption in the past, the forced bankruptcy of state enterprises, the illegal sale of state property, taking someone else’s business, apartment fraud, non-competitive sale of commercial real estate the “right” people.” Moreover, it was stressed that all this was done with “extreme prejudice” — reported IA “news of the Federation (

But persistent Putilova not give up, and this citizenship somehow, but bearing fruit. For example, January 31 of this year in an official letter signed by Deputy head of the city district Krasnogorsk, OOO abdrahimova “RIVAS MO” is still called an unscrupulous developer.

The ban on holding the rally was also quite elegantly bypassed the two events in the spirit of the flash mob. So, on 2 and 3 February 2018, a few dozen “Putilkovo” organized arrived in Moscow for submission of personal appeals to the Prosecutor General and the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. On stage — the chamber, the Investigative Committee and the Federal service. People’s demands yet is simple and straightforward: to conduct an internal audit of Radium habirova, test Builder and download collected from investors in infrastructure 22 billion rubles, to hold a screening of misuse of budget funds, as well as to determine the exact timing of construction of infrastructure and assign responsibility for their implementation. moreover, “Mortongrad” in the near future plan to start mass-filing lawsuits to “RIVAS MO” on the return of equity.

Someone of the readers may well wonder — why “SP” so elaborates the problem of this Putilkovo? There are several reasons and all of them are directly connected with the name of the Builder.

First, the situation around Putilovsky houses, built by PIK group, are not isolated. As examples of IA “Rosbalt” quotes the scandal in the district of Khimki Novokurkino, where contrary to the approved project instead of social objects, an additional residential building. Parking spaces compared to the number of apartments so small that the settlers have even tried to put the machine in the neighboring districts, to the dismay and anger of local residents. Now the PEAK is building a similar “town” in the left Bank of Khimki, Sovkhoznaya str.

Secondly, it was suggested that in 2017, the owner of PIK group, Sergey Gordeev (57-th place in the list of Russian billionaires Forbes) in contravention of the existing legislation was sent to 47 billion rubles, collected directly from investors, not to build houses, and to repurchase shares of their business partners. It is assumed that in this regard, the PEAK of waiting for a new round of interest on the part of the investigating authorities, with the developer for a repetition of the sad fate of SU-155. This, in turn, can cause a severe blow to the pillars of the Russian financial sector (7.6 percent stake in the company owned by the Bank VTB).

Thirdly, it is PIK is likely to be brought by the authorities to implement the infamous program of renovation of houses. In particular, Deputy Moscow mayor Marat Khusnullin in August, said that in this process, the city Council is going to cooperate only with modernized factory, and available only at PIK. We also know that the company has developed a concept for the development of Kuzminki, where settlers plan to build 820 thousand square meters of housing. It is noteworthy that while the Peak in the final period of the erection of the necessary infrastructure for the relocation of residents referred to 2041 year, while adopted by the city authorities, the official program of renovation should end nine years earlier. In addition, the head of Capital Group told reporters that in the framework of the project on the 2nd Institutskaya street, the company will sell to the authorities of Moscow of 80 thousand square meters of housing for migrants under the program of renovation, and as a partner in the project is PIK.

With that said, it is easy to imagine how “funny” life waits for Muscovites in the coming years with this approach, developers to business.


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