Savchenko tied a fire near Vinnitsa illegal arms trade


Савченко связала пожар под Винницей с незаконной торговлей оружием

Ukrainian war criminal and Verkhovna Rada Deputy Savchenko is suspected that the fire occurred in the warehouses of ammunition near Vinnitsa, could be organized to conceal the illicit arms trade. Writes about this “Constantinople”.

“We see a lot of warehouses in Ukraine, who undermined. As they are undermined, will establish a consequence, but these warehouses a very long time devastated the arms trade,” – said Savchenko on Wednesday the TV channel “112. Ukraine”.

According to her, it is necessary to check what was in the warehouses, which now explode, in connection with the report of the international human rights organization Amnesty International accused Ukraine of involvement in illegal arms shipments to South Sudan.

“The warehouses could be half empty, so they are being undermined,” added Savchenko.

Earlier in the party “movement new forces”, the head of which is ex-the Governor of Odessa region, Saakashvili, was not supported by him and the authorities of Ukraine the version about the involvement of Russian security services to the explosions in military warehouses near Vinnitsa.

A fire at a military depot in Vinnytsia region began yesterday at about nine o’clock. According to the national police of Ukraine, Kalinovka and nearby villages evacuated about 28 thousand people.

President of Ukraine Poroshenko took the decision to convene the war Cabinet because of the fire in military warehouses in Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region.+

We also recall that Amnesty International has stated about the involvement of Kiev for the supply of arms to South Sudan. In turn, the state enterprise “Ukrinmash” opravilo information about arms shipments to southern Sudan.


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