Savchenko acknowledged that the Western partners are ready to proceed to the division of Ukraine


Савченко признала, что западные партнеры готовы приступить к разделу Украины

Ukraine is waiting for a lot of fights with Western partners, which will soon begin to lay territorial claims to it, based on historical processes.

About this on air of the TV channel NewsOne was declared by the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko, reports the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

“If you have war, you need to understand that the neighbors are mean. We’re not talking about the people. Nations are usually more healthy mind and head than the policy. A policy that just, their whole life is meanness and cynicism, the ability to speculate on it, to live and earn. Because, most likely, in the near future we will see some trials demonstrate that historically something belongs to them, not us,” — said the Deputy.

According to her, in the future, territorial claims will be presented, and those countries with which Ukraine has not had time to quarrel.

“All of this will happen if the Ukrainian diplomacy will be so to lose, as if Ukraine is not applauded in America at the prayer Breakfast, as if we are not praised and loved, will still be occasions when we shall have as weak, to prove something in the courts… we still Have a lot of fights with Western partners and it is very good that these fights are not bloody, it is very good that these fights will end in diplomatic, political and legal field,” — said Savchenko.


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