“Sarmat”: China has called the Russian rocket, the most powerful in the world


«Сармат»: Китай назвал российскую ракету самой мощной в мире

Chinese edition Sohu published an article in which he shared his expert opinion about what the Russian missiles are a real “nightmare” for the United States and its European allies.

A missile that is a threat to Americans, was a Russian RS-28 “Sarmat”. Experts say that it became the world’s most powerful rocket, which is impossible to intercept. Due to the hypersonic blocks “vanguard”, the rocket is moving very quickly over large distances, overcoming the enemy air defense system.

This applies to modern Western ABOUT. This allows us to argue that the United States begins to lose the advantage in weaponry with every day, giving Russia a pedestal. “Technology vacuum”, which will arise in the very moment when the “Sarmat” will be adopted, will force States to start to worry seriously. After all, to resist the powerful Russian weapons they are not capable.

By the way, the wait is not long. Next year you can easily tell Washington where he can go along with their sanctions.


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