Sarah Jessica Parker supported her friend in the presidential race


Cynthia Nixon runs for Governor of new York.

Parker spoke in defense of Cynthia from the attacks of the haters. We will remind, not so long ago Cynthia Nixon engaged in a “race” for the seat of Governor of new York and, of course, immediately brought upon themselves the attacks of numerous haters.

“You may not agree with its political program, you may not vote for her – but at least stop for a second, before you criticize her because she decided to take this step calls Sarah Jessica Parker to critics of his girlfriend. She knew when I did that it will be difficult, but all who know her agree that she can bring this city a favor.”

It seems that Sarah Jessica Parker really annoying barrage of criticism of her ex-colleagues because the actress complained: “Even women who call themselves developed and educated, ask me why my colleague, the actress runs for Governor”.


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