Santa Dimopoulos shared the seductive


At the same time Santa showed incredible figure.

The ex-soloist “VIA Gry” posted a sexy picture in which she is depicted in a summer pantsuit with stripes, lying on the parapet.

The singer signed his photo: “Well, I again fell ill. Coughing so that the lungs are sick(( Yesterday morning started. What I just did, drank garlic water, making inhalation, breathing hot potatoes, drank all kinds of teas and syrups, chest smeared with eucalyptus ointment – not easier. Who do they call for an ambulance if you got so hot?”.

Subscribers, as they could have supported the Santa good reviews and continue to do so until now. Just a couple of hours this photo Dimopoulos appreciated almost 7 million instagram users.

Style, spelling and punctuation Santa Dimopulos saved.


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