Samsung is suspected of slowing smartphone


Apple is reaping the fruits of his years of cheating is slow in your old smartphone in the form of numerous lawsuits around the world, and the same could wait for her main competitor in the face of Samsung. The company is also suspected of intentionally reducing the productivity of their outdated mobile phones.

Honesty Korean vendor questioned Antimonopoly service of Italy, AGCM, and it’s not even just suspicion, and direct charge – Samsung it have been filed, and the name of the company is mentioned together with Apple, supposedly two of the top manufacturer entered into a conspiracy to increase sales of new devices. Yet Samsung denies any involvement in Apple in this matter and the fact of the deceleration of smartphones by implementing special algorithms in the firmware by upgrading the system, but antimonopolist of Italy for the conduct of the investigation and are confident that they will be able to get to the truth.

If Samsung will convict of a deceit, it threatened multimillion-dollar fines across Europe, as well as a noticeable “wet” reputation, which is not fully “dried up” after the battery of Samsung Note 7. In addition, Samsung may get a lot of lawsuits, including collective, from the users themselves. Add that Xiaomi is not exactly slows their smartphones.


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