Samsung is preparing a smartphone with “monopoly”


Компания Samsung готовит смартфон с "монобровью" Earlier it was reported about the preparation of the company Samsung’s new smartphone Galaxy S9 mini.

South Korea’s Samsung Corporation, vysmeivaetsya developers for making iPhone X “monopoly”, decided to produce a smartphone of this design. According to media reports, in the database, SIPO Chinese Agency March 30, there was a corresponding patent with a picture of gagdet with a cutout on the screen.

The document, seen by experts only recently introduced scheme edge-to-edge mobile device from Samsung with the “monopoly” at the top of the display. On the rear panel of the smartphone with dual camera can not see a traditional scanner fingerprinting, so experts have suggested that the developers have built it into the screen. In addition to the “monobrow” needed to host dynamics, a selfie camera and proximity sensor to your ear, the device will get a 3.5-millimeter audiojack and connector USB Type-C.

Samsung has long refrained from implementing the technology “monobrow” in your mobile device. However, in order not to lag behind competitors, decided to pay tribute to fashion and to release a smartphone with a cutout in a region of the screen.


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