Samsung has released its own Internet browser


Samsung выпустила собственный интернет браузерBrowser Samsung became available on all new Android smartphones

Samsung said that a new version of its own browser Samsung Internet can now be used on any relatively new Android smartphone.

The app began to gain popularity after the Korean giant released a beta version of the browser under number 5.4, compatible with devices like the Google Pixel and Nexus. Now got a beta version of 6.0, which works on any smartphone running Android 5.0 and higher.

Samsung Internet is based on the Chromium project open-source on which it is built Chrome. App from Samsung includes the most standard features in browsers: it allows you to sync content across different devices and, for example, to anonymously browse in a secret mode.

But there is in Samsung Internet and functions which at least some peers. For example, high contrast makes reading more comfortable. There is also the possibility directly in the browser to experiment with different possibilities of WebVR and Bluetooth. A niche audience will appreciate the support system CSS Grid.

One of the biggest advantages of the app — quick access to game world content. A list of extensions built right into the settings menu: users can choose the visible elements of advertising that accelerates the loading of pages.
Blog the company wrote that “not just pulls the function of Chromium, but is making an active contribution to them and to the web standards.”

Samsung выпустила собственный интернет браузер


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