Samsung has patented a smartphone with a cutout in the screen


Monorovia fever continues its March across the planet – the first she became ill smartphone manufacturers in the third echelon, and now the infection struck AAA brands. As it became known, Samsung has patented its own version of the cutout in the upper part of the screen of the mobile gadget.

The attached illustration perfectly shows how much space takes away from the screen cutout, in which there are only two cameras and an earpiece. Fortunately though, the display frame is minimal – they are noticeably thinner than the IPhone 10 by Apple, which launched the cloning of monopoly. In short, the patented smartphone from Samsung it looks a lot like iPhone X, which has more than 6 months old, so in terms of design there is nothing new, except that the camera module here is horizontal, not vertical.

At the moment the smartphone exists only in the form of a patent that has yet to be registered, and he hasn’t made no date announcement or at least a rough cost nothing. Even the specifications, and those are classified, but there is speculation that it will look like the new flagship Note 9, the show which is expected in August this year. Itself Samsung refused to comment.


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