Samsung boasted the new modern laptop


Samsung похвалилась новым современным ноутбукомSamsung introduced its new laptop Notebook 7 Spin

Well-known South Korean company Samsung has introduced its new modern laptop called Notebook 7 Spin, a key feature of which is spare change the form factor of the device.

New laptop from Samsung can boast of not only modern technical characteristics, but also the ability to instantly “transform” into a kind of tablets for more convenient use in various positions. It should be noted that the display has a matrix with a diagonal of 13 inches and Full HD resolution. Enthusiasts will be pleased to discover that the device has become much thinner due to the failure of a hard disk, and the laptop keyboard is the property of illumination.

This model will be equipped with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of main memory that resides on the SSD-disk. As authorization system, users can use the fingerprint sensor of the fingerprint reader to allow owners to protect sensitive data.


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