Samsung again burned car


In the United States recorded case of car ignition, and the fire completely destroyed the vehicle, it can not be restored. Arson suspected member of group Samsung Galaxy is one of the former leaders.

According to the latest information, the car caught fire Samsung, but the model is not yet specified is either S4 or S8 last year. Both spacecraft at the time the fire started were in the cabin together with the owner of the vehicle: according to her, one of the cell phones broke out and began to burn, and then burned the seat on which he lay, and the fire quickly engulfed the entire car. The woman managed to get out of the cabin intact. It should be clarified that neither S8 or S4 not previously been seen in arsons of cars and houses – both these smartphone is quite safe, and their ignition unit.

However, we must not forget that the smartphone Samsung Note 7, 2016, destroyed people’s property almost every day, plus many owners of the gadget have been forced to go to the hospital for help. The investigation of the reasons of ignition of the car in the US is already underway, and the guide Samsung is already aware. Will the Korean vendor to reimburse the American moral and material userby, unknown at this time. We also add that very soon will be smartphone Note 9, equipped with a larger battery, space for which inside the body is almost gone. We will remind, what exactly for this reason, burned all Note 7.


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