Salad of crickets proved to be useful for body


Салат из сверчков оказался полезным для организма

Scientists have found an interesting component which helps to normalize the bowel, cleanse the blood and strengthen the immune system. This component turned out to be crickets.

Scientists say that it is tasty or not is debatable, but the benefits of crickets incredible. These conclusions are supported by a large experiment involving people.

“The study involved 20 volunteers, half of them had eaten for Breakfast, lunch and dinner of crickets. It helped establish that insects are extremely useful for the human body. Now we are their food”.

Such a diet helps to restore intestinal health, strengthen the immune system and many organs. The secret lies in a unique protein compounds that are the food of insects. In other words, we suggest that you have to go and start to catch crickets and eat them for both cheeks.


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