Sad to health: the longing will help to strengthen the immune system


Dutch scientists have found that depression is good for health. Of course, we are not talking about any serious deviations type of clinical depression or dysphoria. Although many people confuse sadness, melancholy and depression with depression.

Грустите на здоровье: тоска поможет укрепить иммунитет

Of course, we are not talking about clinical depression as a psychiatric diagnosis — the level of negative impact, scientists do not belittle.

However, many confuse depression with normal sadness and melancholy.

Грустите на здоровье: тоска поможет укрепить иммунитет

“And if the depression really affects a person, the ordinary despondency, on the contrary, can bring benefit. We found that approximately 40 percent of the total population of our planet suffer from nervous breakdowns and similar disorders. If the individual periodically sad, his nervous system is gradually strengthened,” — said the researchers from the Netherlands.

Suppressing sadness can also be fraught with negative consequences. According to experts, people who ignore stress, have problems with the immune system.

The spleen is able to strengthen vitality and health, so don’t be afraid of it. Studies show that easy spleen characteristic of any person. This emotion occurs periodically in many people with stress or weather changes. But the neglect of the spleen may lead to diseases and decreased immunity in General. So sad to health!

If sad – sad-happy


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