Rybinka not let go


But, not listening to me, the friend continued: “Take the jig carnations with yellow bead and a watermelon, and come quickly!”

I gather, as naked belted, and the next day I was flying in the car in Yaroslavl oblast to my friend.

He lives right on the beach and fishing time more than any other of the TV, keeps abreast of bites, and if he said that the fish went, then and there.

The morning we were greeted by Sunny weather, according to the calendar it’s spring, the end of March, but the ice thickness still allows them to race on a snowmobile with the wind. Came to a point around five hundred sullen men. No hands waving, apparently encrypted.

Here at Rybinka its rules of fishing and a wave of the hand when hooking or fighting the fish is regarded by competitors as an invitation to join you. Immediately break from the field and rush to your side, and only the noise of the ice screws sinking into the ice on all sides, and sometimes right at the feet or at your box and return you to reality.

This meant that the fish were podumali, driven from the point, and the feast for you is over. Can change the place.

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While we drilled the hole, I looked to the neighbors, no hands waving, a throw pit and move erratically on the ice. So, no fish, or it is not active.

But my friend drilled a few holes in a snowstorm with a sled and began to conjure on the same hole. A minute later, the ice appears plotiny elephant. I sit next to, and as agreed, catching on bessatalk carnations.

He punctually, professionally, working only hands hands, leaving the body stationary and elbows, pulling from the hole a huge silver bullion. It’s not the roach the size of a leaf.

And change the hole, but the result is not so hot. Rather, stable – null. He after the capture of another trophy came up to me and showed the specifics of the transaction. This is a large horizontal figure eight with a chaotic, at first glance, twitching.

But the main thing is that tungsten ball jig walked around the back of the hook. When my vertical attempts, wiring, developed for fishing with bloodworms this is not, and therefore, no fish.

Change the pace of transactions and the pattern of work of nod, and here it is the first touch. First fish is. But from a friend of three. Not to draw sitting nearby competitors begin to imitate the loud voices, drinking from beslija company, which also happens here a lot. And while one was fumbling with a roach, trying not to break light line and insert it into the hole, the second covers his body pouring tea from thermos mugs, and putting on the most visible place, an empty bottle of vodka.

The adrenaline from the fight with a huge trophy, overwhelms the body and makes the blood boil. Let’s not bite like a machine gun, however, the process is.

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And the neighbors all the same. And if you alter the phrase of the foreman from the movie “the dawns here are quiet” – fishing, guys, this is not someone who will exploit and who will change his mind. We have the technology worked.

When you bite from the second companion rises from his seat, covering his body, starts a theatrical farce, the loud talking that came from God knows where, and no fish.

Time flies. Gradually, the boxes filled with the finest roach. Replaced the bags inside the boxes, filled with quietly putting the fish in the sleigh, and again it goes to the eyeballs.


Photo: Evgeny Kuznetsov.

I have a yellow ball on the jig, he’s got a watermelon. I have bite more often, but the fish are smaller. He selected the elephants, but burn less. What about the nuances of the game or jig that is the size and color of the ball once the deal. For this you need to bind snap-in, and interrupt the celebration of life. That is not why we came here.

Until sunset continued celebration of life, and like, I got to go to Moscow not to release the wheel from the hands, but Rybinka not let go. And just like that decided to wind up the fishing line, again the bite.

Okay, will be back next week in April. If only the fish are gone.


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