Russians forced to return the money for the deposits of failed banks


Россиян заставили вернуть деньги на вклады обанкротившихся банков

The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) in droves sues the customers of credit institutions, which managed to take deposits shortly before the announcement of the banks bankrupt. The organization requires citizens to return to their own money as they allegedly withdrawn illegally.

According to “Kommersant”, at the present time, the DIA has filed 150 lawsuits challenging the withdrawal of funds from the Military-industrial Bank. 400 complaints were received by the customers of Tatfondbank. The lawsuits filed after a year or more after withdrawal.

According to people, often these trials are examined for 10-15 minutes, and decisions in favor of the ASV are stamped as a blueprint.

It is noted that after the forced return of the money clients are able to partially recover the funds — but not more than 1,4 million rubles, which is provided in the form of insurance. If the sum is greater — the customers have to stand in the register of creditors, but a refund is not guaranteed.


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