Russian woman, beware of the purity of the race!


Россиянка, блюди чистоту расы!

1920, the Weimar Republic, the program of the NSDAP “25 points”:

• A citizen of the state can be only volksgenosse. Volksgenosse might be the only one in whose veins flows German blood, regardless of religious affiliation.
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• All further immigration into Germany of persons of non-German origin should be suspended. We demand that all persons of non-German origin who immigrated to Germany after 2 August 1914, he was expelled from the state.

In 1935, the Third Reich, the law on the protection of German blood and German honor:

• Marriages between Jews and state citizens of German or related blood is forbidden.

• Sexual intercourse between Jews and state citizens of German or related blood is forbidden.

In 1937, the Third Reich, the start of the program of sterilization of the “Rhineland bastards”.

In the 1920-ies in Germany, coined the term “Rhineland bastards.” The so-called children, which gave birth to German women in the Rhineland from the black soldiers of the Entente. According to the act of 1933 “On the prevention of hereditary diseases”, the children-mulatto had to be forcibly sterilized.

In the book “My struggle” Hitler wrote that children mulatto is pollution of the white race “black blood on the Rhine in the heart of Europe”. German women who had sexual intercourse with soldiers of the Negroid, he called whores.

In 2018, the Russian Federation, the day before the start of the world Cup.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children, Communist party Deputy Tamara Pletneva recommends that the Russians not to interbreed with foreigners during the 2018 world Cup. Because the country does not need kids Festival, kids Olympics kids Championship! Especially the black, narrow-eyed!

“What else can I say? That there are girls who will meet and then give birth? Maybe there is, maybe not, I hope. Have in mind something clear. These children then suffer and suffer since the days of the Soviet regime. Well, if another race, but if another race does… We are his children have to bear. I’m not a nationalist, but nevertheless. I know that the suffering and the children, and then leave, they stay here with mom.”

Very nice just before the Championship, our members welcome the foreigners in Russia.

UPD: suddenly it turned out that, Tamara Pletnev was not Russian, but German. Her father’s name was Wilhelm Strack, and in the interview she speaks openly about his nationality. However, Tamara Vilgelmovna Strack prefers the Russian name and patronymic. Apparently, the voters didn’t worry.


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