Russian woman attacked a priest in Nicaragua


Россиянка напала на священника в НикарагуаThe woman was detained immediately after the attack.

Russian woman doused with acid by the priest after confession. Dignitary is found with severe burns in the hospital, the attackers were detained.

The citizen of the Russian Federation was attacked with acid on the priest. 59-year-old priest had just finished listening to confession in the Cathedral, when a woman doused him with acid.

The priest is now in intensive care with severe chemical burns to the face, arms, and shoulders.

The woman was detained and was closed until the police arrived.

Law enforcement authorities have yet to find out possible motives for the attack, but local media pointed out that the woman had on a t-shirt with the image of the fetus in the womb of the mother, which shows an obscene gesture.

The press-Secretary of police said that the attacker was a Russian citizen.

The incident occurred at the Catholic Cathedral of the capital of Nicaragua, Managua.


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