Russian weapons — just fantastic


Русское оружие — просто фантастика

The special forces of the USA intends to establish the production of machine guns for Russian models, writes The National Interest. American readers of the portal supported the plans of the military.

The United States is preparing to establish production of copies of Russian weapons in order to sell it abroad and to press Russia on the world arms market. Author NI Michael peck notes that the experience of using Russian guns in the middle East have shown that they are much more popular among the local Pro-American groups than weapons of the United States — the reasons for this are simplicity, easy maintenance and low price of weapons of the Russian Federation.

For this reason, the Command of US special operations forces ordered American gun manufacturers prototypes analogs of the Russian PKM machine guns (upgraded Kalashnikov machine gun) and NSV. To resolve the issue with the licensing of such products is offered by the companies they can purchase the license from the Russian enterprises, and to the drawings illegally, said NI.

Readers of the portal supported the intention of the special forces of the US to produce weapons for the Russian example. “This is a very interesting development. I was in the Navy, but not in the sea. I was stationed three miles from the demilitarized zone, in the town of CUA Viet (Vietnam). I was in charge of our Arsenal, and I had a lot of choices of weapons. I chose the AK-47. Our Marines staged a night ambush, and in the morning brought me all the weapons that were carried away from the battlefield. Russian weapons were fantastic and not picky about ammo as the M16,” writes triggerfish.

“Look on YouTube “KORD 12.7 mm machine gun” and watch the video of his shooting in the desert, old cars, barrels with fuel and concrete blocks. Note reliable feeder and light weight. This is the best heavy machine gun in the world. Their 23-millimeter anti-aircraft gun too. Lightweight, with huge rate of fire and range. YouTube has some great videos as he shoots during a training exercise on the lake. Amazing gun that can penetrate almost any wall, except for the thick reinforced concrete, which are not too common,” notes billsimpson in comments to a material National Interest.


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