Russian Twilight: at what distance shooting is the best sniper rifle


Русский Сумрак: на какую дистанцию стреляет лучшая снайперская винтовка

In the fall of 2017 were recorded at a firing range with a sniper rifle. Bullet successfully at the distance of 4.2 km hit the target. This shot made the sniper from Russia Andrey Ryabinsky. It is for this purpose used the rifle sverhdalnoboynaya svlk-14S “Twilight”. This weapon was created in 2012. It has been used to install a number of records on the firing range. This rifle produces a private enterprise in the Kaluga region Lobaev Arms. It was released quite a few different high-precision rifles.

Русский Сумрак: на какую дистанцию стреляет лучшая снайперская винтовкаThe company has released more than 40 different types of weapons, along with missile systems. Rifle sverhdalnoboynaya svlk-14S is created exclusively according to customer requests, for different cartridges. Basic uses ammunition of 10.3×77 mm. It is produced specifically for shooting at long distances. This cartridge was created in the United States. The company Lobaev Arms continues the development of new cartridges for yourself. Starting in 2017, the entire range of rifles is going with the use of domestic materials and components.

The products of the company Lobaev Arms become hunters and sportsmen. It is provided with special services, together with the FSO and the Federal penitentiary service. The rifle has a unique opportunity in the form of long-range and accuracy of fire. This is all thanks to its design features. For the manufacture of the receiver is used aviation aluminum and stainless steel. Of carbon fiber making butt.

The cost base of the rifle is 1.9 million RUB Weight of the weapon is almost 10 kg, and its length exceeds 1.5 m. the Record for distance target shooting rifle in battle were recorded in Syria. Then canadian sniper at a distance of 3.5 km struck Islamist rifle McMillan TAC-50. Most often, snipers in the war fired from rifles at a distance up to 2 km.


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