Russian torpedo, which is more expensive than the tank


Русская торпеда, которая дороже танка

From Sebastopol came the pictures loading on big diesel-electric submarine B-261 “Novorossiysk” project 636.3 “Varshavyanka” the newest electric torpedoes uet-1. Standard torpedoes caliber of 533 mm was designed in KB plant “Dagdizel” (the city of Kaspiysk) in the framework of the ROC “Ichthyosaur”. Experts who reviewed photographs, identified uet-1 at the reduced length of the torpedo and the characteristic shape of the head portion.

In February of this year, “Dagdizel” received a contract worth 7.2 billion rubles for production for the Navy 73 torpedoes for the period up to 2023. News came in early July from Sebastopol, indicates that the manufacturer is running ahead of schedule. Since the signing of the contract it’s only been six months, but “Dagdizel” manufactured a minimum of 18 torpedoes. This number is placed on the submarines of project 636.3 — 6 loaded in the torpedo tubes and 12 are included in the ammunition.

It seems that has come true to sign a contract from the Ministry of defence the General-Lieutenant Anatoly Gulyaev, who said that after the exit of production at full capacity, the possible revision of the contract with the aim of increasing the number of purchased Navy torpedoes. And it is at the moment extremely important, because in the Navy there is a significant shortage of this type of weapons, without which warships can not exist.

The creation of the torpedo took place in conditions of heightened competition between CRI “Gidropribor” plant “Dagdizel”. The customer — the Navy — prohibitively long solved the question of whom to entrust the execution of OCD “Ichthyosaur”. At that time, as already had to replace adopted into service in 1980 electric torpedo WEST 80, which is outdated.

So the serious money required for the carrying out of all complex full design work was not provided “Dagdizel” or “Gidropribor”. “Dagdizel” engaged in the project proactively, partly using the tools taught in the form of profits from its production activities. And the factory in Kaspiisk doing a lot of things in addition to torpedoes.

In the meantime, “Gidropribor received partial funding for a deep modernization of the WEST-80 with the aim of creating export version TE2. Which is logical, since the WEST 80 has been created in the “Gidropribor”.

However, it was not taken into account one fundamental fact: CRI to the middle of the last decade considerably degraded in the personnel ratio compared to the Soviet period.

According to experts of the Navy, TE2 has been an embarrassment and defamation of the Russian Navy. And characteristics, and according to the design ideology and design solutions it meets the level of Western torpedoes 60 years. The homing system (PRS) is completely borrowed from the American torpedoes early 60-ies of the Mk46 mod.1. Battery copied from the torpedoes of the late 50-ies of the Mk44, the system remote control (by wire) — Western torpedoes the mid 60-ies.

“Dagdizel” approached the problem quite modern. Earlier was ready export version of the uet-1E, which was presented at the naval show last year. To get the money for its own needs, regardless of the sentiments of the defense Ministry. And they are often unpredictable, what, for example, shows a sharp reduction in the procurement of the su-57 on the initial intentions and promises.

A large part of the characteristics of uet-1 is classified. But we can indirectly judge by the known characteristics of the export version, which is limited compared to the performance characteristics of torpedoes for the Russian Navy.

The range of the wet-1E — 25 km. FROM WEST-80 — 18 km, Maximum speed — 50 knots to 45 knots. Significantly higher range of detection of underwater targets — 3.5 km versus 1.5 km for the acoustic channel SSN. Surface ships are found on the Wake — turbulent processes in the aquatic environment arising from the operation of the screws. A Wake is recorded in the time interval to 500 seconds from the moment of its occurrence.

Navy representatives say that if speed and performance dalnosti new torpedo “Dagdizel” made a step forward relative to existing models in the field of guidance system a breakthrough.

The components of success are. Range is maximized by increasing the electrical capacity of the battery. And improve its performance. Torpedo battery aktiviziruyutsya sea water. The old models cannot be used in the Baltic sea, where a low salt content in the water. Also, the range affected by the use of new materials, metal-polymer compositions obtained in the implementation of the ROC “Ichthyosaur”.

To increase the range and speed contributed to the use of the new direct drive engine joint development of “Dagdizel” and the South-Russian state Polytechnic University. It has a high efficiency. By minimizing energy losses in this failed to give up of the cooling system. This in turn has led to increased sensitivity of the guidance system. The fact that the old engine — DP-31У, — used in previous electric torpedoes, heats up to 600 degrees or sparks, which leads to interference guidance on scheme PRSS.

Thus, if we compare the uet-1 Italian torpedo “black shark” (Black shark), then it has significant potential for growth. The distance of the “Italians” at low speed reaches 70 km. This figure has been achieved primarily through the use of battery based on aluminum and silver oxide having a higher capacity. However, if you go this route, you will sharply increase the cost of the Russian torpedoes, which is more expensive tank — 100 million rubles.

Currently, Western manufacturers sometimes deliberately slightly degrade the performance of the torpedoes to reduce the price. It is not from stinginess. Just a crucial element in maintaining combat readiness of the fleet is the large number of torpedo firings. Therefore fielded such a torpedo, which can be reused by recharging. Electric is not very good, because the battery after testing it is necessary to replace, and it costs huge money.

It’s much better in this regard, thermal torpedoes, which have the engine running on fuel. To upload the liquid fuel — single OTTO — much easier and cheaper. But in this case, for example, United States strive at any cost to reduce the cost of torpedo firings, sometimes abandoning preferable technical developments. The cost of “catching” and recharge small torpedoes caliber 324 mm Mark 50 was 53 thousand dollars. But turned it down, removing from service, in favor of a weaker Mark 46, because to her, the same costs were 12 thousand dollars.

We have to heat the torpedoes are created in the Institute Morteplotehniki “Physicist” and “Hard” (modernization of the “Physics”). They are produced on the same plant “Dagdizel”. They are comparable with the primary American torpedo Mark 48, and the Sheath is superior in “power” characteristics — range, maximum speed and warhead weight.

“Case” is the best Russian torpedo. She fielded the most formidable nuclear submarines of the fourth generation — multi-purpose “Ash” and strategic “Borey”.

In this connection the question arises of the feasibility of production not only in one country, but one plant torpedoes different principle. It is very expensive in condition when money was not so much.


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