Russian soldier committed suicide during the service


Российский военнослужащий покончил с собой во время службы

Three soldiers were killed in the 200th detached MOT rifle Pechenga red banner brigade located in the village of Pechenga Murmansk region. One of them killed himself, according to the “Severest”, citing a source.

The circumstances of the death of the other two not specified. No details of the incident, the source said. Official confirmation has not happened.

In early January, in the Khabarovsk region the soldier-the contract employee was hit by a train and died. Report this newspaper wrote that a few years ago in his military unit, there have been several strange deaths. For example, in 2003, there died in the military. Later it turned out that his body was covered with marks of beatings, was not multiple of the internal organs. In 2010, the same signs of violence were found on the corpse of a soldier from Omsk.


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