Russian pensioners owed to banks 400 billion rubles


Российские пенсионеры задолжали банкам 400 миллиардов рублей

From January to October 2018 Russian pensioners took to the banks on credit 403,3 billion. These data provided the “news” United credit Bureau.

From 2017, this figure rose to 42 percent. Over the same period of last year, people older than 60 years received from banks loan 283,2 billion.

Often older people make consumer loans. The average size of such loan is 103 thousand. Buying a car is retired from banks 620 thousand rubles, for mortgage — 950 thousand rubles. Experts say that it is one of the lowest values among age groups.

Credit institutions are more willing to work with the elderly. This year almost 70 percent of pensioners received a positive decision from the banks, while youth accepted only 47 percent of the applications.

Banks attract customers older, as their main source of income — pension — stable and does not depend on anything. In addition, the pensioners are lending more cautiously: try in time to make payments and not to take large loans.

In October it became known that the average debt of a pensioner to the Bank 107.2 thousand rubles. This figure rose to 8 percent from 2017. Older Russians tend to take out loans for children or grandchildren, at least — for their needs.


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